Surveys for Results!

Survey Research – Opening a Window to the World

Surveys-for-Results! is a full-service survey research, development, and analysis business of Russell Consulting, Inc. Our survey research company helps you and your company achieve your strategic goals by better understanding your:

Customers’ . . .

  • expectations for product and service quality
  • level of satisfaction with your products and services
  • hopes and aspirations

Employees’ . . .

  • perceptions of your organization and the overall quality of worklife
  • aspirations for your organization – their dreams for what they hope your organization will become or create
  • employee engagement – the extent of their commitment to their jobs, the company, and its strategy

Leaders’ . . .

  • effectiveness using a 360 leadership assessment process that explores others’ perceptions of the leader’s behaviors
  • perceptions of the organization’s culture and their role in changing this culture

You tell us what you want to know and RCI’s Surveys-for-Results! will custom-design the best survey research methodology for finding the answers you need to drive your business forward. Whether the survey we design for you is delivered online via a secure web-based interface or more traditionally as a paper survey, our professional expertise will guide you in developing the right methodology that gives you valid information to drive your decision making.

Our customized survey design and development process is anchored to a clear understanding of your needs and how you will use the resulting data in your business.

Based upon your business requirements, we’ll do the hard work by crafting great questions, recommending the best delivery method (online, e-mail, paper, etc.), pulling a random sample or conducting a census, compiling the data, analyzing and presenting the findings, and offering our recommendations for action.

Contact Russell Consulting or call Surveys-for-Results! today at 608.274.4482 to learn how we can help you move your business to the next level – based upon a clear understanding of your customers and employees.

Leadership Assessment

Interested in conducting a 360 Leadership Assessment?

Click on this link for more information on this special service of Surveys-for-Results! and Russell Consulting, Inc.: 360 Leadership Assessment.