Strategic Planning

strategy_success_sWe believe that every organization can benefit from a strategic plan. The value of a plan lies in both the discipline it brings by systematically guiding deep reflections about the organization’s future and the forces influencing that future – and in the resulting roadmap that charts a path into that future. The formal step-by-step process of identifying the organization’s core purpose or ideology, assessing the complex environment in which it operates, and defining the methods it will use to fulfill this purpose can be a healthy and cathartic exercise that gets the organization to ask the big questions.

Guide_to_SPBy itself, however, the strategic plan isn’t enough. Developing strategic thinking is just as important as developing a strategic plan – if not even more important. Since 1987, Russell Consulting has enabled its clients to strengthen their strategic thinking capacities, envision an ideal future for their company, and develop strategic plans to help them achieve this vision. Click here for our RCI’s Guide to Strategic Planning.

Our approach to strategic thinking and planning is also captured in two of our books: Strategic Planning Training and Strategic Planning 101: RCI’s Strategic Planning Books

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