Human Resource Management

HR IssuesRCI provides an array of services to organizations and their leaders to create human resource systems that support and reinforce the organization’s quality, performance, and profitability goals.

  • Develop a more strategic human resources department
  • Conduct an employee engagement assessment and determine HR’s role in guiding the journey to a more engaged workforce
  • Explore the root causes of employee turnover
  • Develop an exit interview strategy
  • Create a more effective HR selection process
  • Develop your retention strategy
  • Revitalize your performance review process to make it more meaningful to the employee, his or her manager, and the company as a whole
  • Develop a more integrated talent management process to help identify and develop potential leaders
  • Strengthen succession planning efforts to ensure organizational continuity
  • Develop a leadership/management competency development program
  • Develop a “stay” or engagement interview strategy to encourage retention and strengthen employee engagement.

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Leadership in the Human Resources Community

Jeff previously served on the Board of Directors for the Greater Madison Area Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management. He served for three years as the vice president of Programming and just finished three years in the role of president-elect, president, and past-president for the chapter.