Navigating Difficult Conversations

difficult_conversationHow healthy and effective are the “difficult” conversations in your organization? It’s a sad truth that few people know how to navigate the challenging terrain of difficult conversations. It’s an even sadder truth that the failure to conduct these difficult conversations in an effective way has a significant negative effect upon your company’s bottom line. When people aren’t able to speak honestly to one another, everyone suffers the consequences and productivity and profitability decline.

Over the past ten years, RCI has developed a framework for navigating the difficult conversation that leads to healthy and safe dialogue between people that enables people to perform at their best. Our framework, which we call the Collaborative Mindset, is more than a set of tools for having the conversation. It represents a set of governing values, underlying assumptions, and enacting behaviors that can transform any difficult conversation into one filled with greater understanding and productive outcomes. We then follow this framework with a suite of tools that translates this mindset into constructive dialogue.

Contact Russell Consulting to help you and your team develop the skills and the confidence to approach any difficult conversation. We offer skill-building seminars and consulting services that will help build the crucial competencies to leverage disagreement into great results for you and your team. We’ll teach your leaders, managers, and frontline employees how to:

  • Approach every conversation using a Collaborative Mindset
  • Define positive outcome goals for every conversation
  • Identify the possible causes of fear and anxiety in oneself and the other person during a conversation
  • Restore calm and centeredness when things go “off the rails”
  • Explore pathways toward common ground

We look forward to helping you build the skills for surviving difficult conversations – before it’s too late!