Group Facilitation

group_meetingEvery group or team, no matter how effective, occasionally benefits from a neutral facilitator to guide the team or group toward its outcomes. Whether the issues are establishing a clear vision, making a tough decision, setting priorities, or dealing with discord and conflict, most teams benefit from an outsider who can objectively guide the group toward its goals.

Team_Facilitation_Brochure_coverFor more than twenty-five years, RCI has used its facilitation skills to help groups find their way toward great outcomes. What challenges are facing your team?

  • Problem solving or decision making within the group
  • Bring together diverse stakeholders to identify areas of common ground around issues, challenges, opportunities, and strategies for action
  • Identifying barriers to the team’s success — and developing action plans to address these
  • Defining a shared vision for the group
  • Developing priorities and goals to move the group forward
  • Constructively engaging disruptive team members by exploring the underlying causes and constructing pathways toward reconciliation
  • The need to develop working agreements and personal action plans to facilitate team effectiveness.

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