Leadership in the Time of COVID-19

What does it mean to lead in this age of uncertainty? What strategies should leaders use to provide people the guidance and direction that they need in dealing with the challenges of today?

We put together this quick overview of our approach to Leadership in the Time of COVID-19. Reach out to us if you’d like help leading your company or your team through the turbulence of today and tomorrow.

We recently offered this session as a two-part online program for UW-Madison’s Small Business Development Center. Here’s what the Director and Program Manager at the UW-Madison’s Small Business Development Center had to say about this session:

  • We had numerous clients attend this class and have heard several compliments on the curriculum and delivery. In particular they appreciated the many actionable concepts you presented. In a time with a lot of unknowns, they were glad to be able to take some steps to improve the way they are leading employees.” – Michelle Somes-Booher, Director, UW-Madison SBDC
  • This course in particular had an additional benefit of allowing people to speak to each other – on a human level – about some of the difficulties they’ve been facing in recent times.” – Heather Ferguson, Program Manager, UW-Madison SBDC

Contact Russell Consulting, Inc. to explore ways that we can help you and your leaders provide the kind of support and guidance your employees need during this time. 

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