What We Believe, How We Work

Jeff & Linda RussellRussell Consulting, Inc. was founded in 1987 with the vision of building effective, productive, healthy, and enduring organizations. Since our creation, we have worked hard to create significant value for our clients by helping them identify and understand where they are today . . . and where they must go tomorrow to achieve their goals.

We hold a mirror up to the lives of our client organizations-which enables them to see what they need to see so that they can do what they need to do. We don’t provide answers to our clients, we guide them in discovering their own path.

The best solutions to the challenges you face are those you discover through professional challenge and direction. That’s the role that Russell Consulting can play in your organization.

Our Vision, Mission, and Principles of Practice

Vision – Russell Consulting exists to . . . Create value for organizations by enabling them to achieve their quality, performance, and financial goals.

Mission – We accomplish our vision by clarifying the organization’s goals and desired outcomes, assessing the organization’s internal and external environments, exploring and often challenging the beliefs and assumptions of the leadership and employees, and then delivering proven consulting and training strategies for moving the organization in their desired direction.

Principles of Practice – As consultants dedicated to enabling our clients to achieve their objectives by following a path that is their own, we embrace the following principles:

We will . . .

  • Actively work to increase the capacity of leaders and employees to identify and better understand the challenges and opportunities they face and develop strategies and solutions that successfully address these challenges and opportunities.
  • Ensure that our clients are able to make free and informed choices when deciding upon a recommended course of action
  • Responsibly challenge organizational and leadership thinking and implementation strategies to enable our clients to break free of the constrictions of the past and realize new opportunities
  • Promote active and representative employee participation in decision making to ensure employee ownership and responsibility for identifying and solving organizational challenges
  • Ensure that our recommendations and actions as consultants are based upon valid data and proven methods
  • Engage in ongoing dialogue with our clients to ensure the appropriateness and responsiveness of our actions
  • Engage in continuous learning with our clients, enabling both our client and us to grow and improve through our interactions
  • Use tools, methods, and strategies that encourage our clients to be independent over the long-term.