Team Development

intense_discussion_sGroups generally don’t become teams by chance. Truly great teams invest energy and effort into becoming great teams and it works even better when they have a framework for understanding the core elements that make a team a team.

Team_skill_map_graphicTo help groups make this journey to becoming a great team, RCI developed the Team Skill-Map – a team assessment tool that provides the team feedback on its four accountabilities:

  • External Accountabilities
    • Customer Focus
    • Performance Management
  • Internal Accountabilities
    • Team Member Relationships
    • Team Processes

Check out our booklet on the Team Skill-Map and explore ways to strengthen your team’s performance: Team Skill-Map Brochure.

Team_Skill_Map_Brochure_graphicIf you’d like to see an example copy of our Team Skill-Map Assessment, e-mail us today.

Team Consulting from RCI

Team_Facilitation_Brochure_coverRCI offers an array of strategies and approaches for working with groups and team. View a detailed description of our team services by clicking on our booklet entitled Team Facilitation Brochure.

Contact RCI to discuss any of our consulting services or training programs further or to ask us to develop a customized training program for you in this practice area.