Fearless Performance Management

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How do you get people to perform at their best? What is the best way to enable people to achieve their performance goals? What role does leadership play in guiding individual contributors toward great performance?

For over twenty years, Russell Consulting has been pursuing these and similar questions as it works with owners, leaders, managers, and supervisors to help them achieve great performance for their companies and organizations. Our client work, combined with our ongoing research around effective strategies driving human performance, has led us to a powerful and innovative approach for creating and sustaining a performance culture in our client organizations.

With our framework as a foundation and model, our clients have developed effective and sustainable systems for performance management that have effectively “changed the game” when it comes to coaching people toward great performance.

Our cutting-edge approach to performance management is captured in our most recent book, Fearless Performance Reviews published by McGraw-Hill. Click here to find out about this best-selling book: Fearless Performance Reviews.

Guiding Your Company Toward Great Performance!

We can help you revitalize your performance review process to enable more meaningful and effective reviews that bring out the best work in your employees. Whether you are looking to build performance management and review skills in your managers or the frontline, redesign your performance review forms, or rethink your entire performance management system, we can provide the expertise you need. For more information on how RCI can help you and your company strengthen its performance culture and build skills in both performers and managers to achieve great performance, contact Russell Consulting, Inc.

We look forward to helping you move your company toward a sustainable performance culture!