RCI’s Change Model

Leading Change: Sustaining Your Long-Term Success

Every successful organization needs three key ingredients for long-term success, effectiveness, and profitability. The first is strong and effective leadership – people who will “show the way” and guide organizational partners into the future. The second is strategy – a method for translating the shared vision (promoted by leadership) into reality.

The third ingredient – change – is the catalyst with the other two to transform the organization toward realizing the vision of the possible. Without change, neither leadership nor strategy will sustain the organization’s success over the long term.

Since 1987, Russell Consulting has helped leaders and employees on the front line effectively lead change in their organizations. Our innovative change leadership model charts out the path that helps both anticipate the emotional journey that people take on the change path and provides a powerful framework for introducing a change to achieve a desired outcome.

change_model_tOur Change Model

Our model has been so successful at helping organizations that we have described the leading change model in our best selling books Leading Change Training  and Change Basics. To find out more about our books or to order it from our Bookstore, click here: Leading Change Training and Change Basics.

Understanding Resilience

Our most recent research into the effects of change on individuals and organizations – and the actions that change leaders can take to help facilitate change acceptance – has led us to explore the characteristic of human resilience.

In our research, we have found that resilience – the capacity of a body to “spring back” to its previous shape after being subjected to stress or pressure – plays a powerful role in shaping how people respond to change of all types. In the face of adversity, it is resilience that often pulls us through.

Click here for more information about resilience and our research-based Resilience Quotient™: Resilience Quotient.

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