360° Surveys

team_pictureGaining a Holistic Picture . . . The Power of 360° Surveys

The 360° Feedback process, by gathering survey data from multiple stakeholders, enables the recipient of the feedback to gain a holistic perspective on his or her behaviors. This powerful tool becomes a catalyst to drive personal action planning and decision making based upon this comprehensive perspective.

360° surveys, distributed online via our secure Website, is an especially powerful approach for strengthening your leadership and the leadership throughout your organization. This approach can also be useful for building the competencies of customer service and being an effective member of a team.

How Does the Process Work?

Conducting a 360° survey begins with Surveys – for – Results! helping you define the core competencies that you wish to measure (e.g., the competencies of leadership, the competencies of teamwork, the competencies of customer service, etc.) and then Surveys – for – Results! developing your customized 360° survey. With the survey developed, the next step is to identify the people in your organization who will receive the feedback.

Each 360° survey feedback recipient nominates from 5 to 25 (or more!) individuals to give the leader, team member, or customer service representative feedback on all of the identified competencies. Once nominated, the feedback providers receive an e-mail invitation to give the specific individual feedback on his or her effectiveness or performance.

The web-based process is simple, fast, elegant, and easy! Within a matter of weeks a 360° survey can be developed, deployed, and the results compiled in a report to the individual.

Types of 360° Surveys

Contact Russell Consulting for more information on custom-designing a 360° survey for your organization to assess your employees on such qualities as their:

  • Leadership (click here for more information on our 360° leadership assessment and development process and workshops)
  • Level and quality of teamwork
  • Level and quality of customer service
  • Management and supervision
  • Quality improvement competencies
  • or any other key dimension of workplace performance . . .

If you’re interested in knowing more about either the standardized or customized 360 assessments that RCI offers (including the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) and the Everything DiSC 363 Leadership Assessment) click here.

Contact Surveys- for – Results! as well for more information on our Employee Engagement and Quality of Worklife surveys. Our general employee attitude and cultural assessment surveys can help you better understand your organization and the actions you can take to move your organization to the next level of effectiveness and performance.

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