Cultural Assessments

culture_network_s2Conducting a Cultural Assessment

Understanding, influencing, and managing your organization’s culture is one of the most difficult – and most important – tasks of your leaders and managers. It is difficult because culture can’t simply be “ordered” around and most important because culture, more than any other factor, determines if your organization achieves its performance and strategic objectives.

Surveys – for Results! understand how to work with organizational culture. For more than twenty-five years, we have been helping leaders understand and influence their own cultures.

culture_levels_of_interventionCulture is the deepest level of every organization. While it’s the hardest to understand and change, if you’re successful at influencing the cultural level your results are more likely to be effective and enduring. That’s why understanding culture is central to any organizational change effort. And that’s where RCI’s Surveys- for- Results! comes into the picture.

One thing we know for sure, conducting a cultural assessment with surveys alone doesn’t gain you the group perspective that is so essential to knowing the real beliefs, values, assumptions, and myths that are driving everyday behavior at all organizational levels. That’s why, for our cultural assessments, we combine culture surveys with focus groups that represent a diverse cross-section of people.

Contact RCI to begin the journey of understanding your culture. You – and your bottom line – will be glad that you did.

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