270° Employee Assessments

We all know about the power of the traditional 360° leadership assessments – where leaders get feedback from an array of their stakeholders. This rich feedback can be transformative for leaders – helping them understand for the first time how they are perceived by others.

Wouldn’t it be great if frontline employees also received such feedback? We think that employees without direct reports can benefit immensely from hearing how their boss, team members, co-workers from other teams, customers, and other stakeholders view them.

270° Employee Assessment and Development

Russell Consulting, Inc. has designed a fully customizable 270° assessment and development process that brings the power of 360° assessments to frontline employees. The “270°” in the title refers to the idea that employees who go through this assessment would receive feedback from all of the same dimensions of a leader’s “360°” assessment with the exception of not having direct reports.

A Simple Web-Based Process

With the simple web-based assessment tool we guide your employees through the process of identifying those people whom they will invite to assess the importance and quality of the employee’s performance in each of the core competencies.

Our 270° process is simple to use. We first work with you to identify the key competencies and behaviors that enable employee success (e.g., teamwork, communication, strategic thinker, problem solver, emotional intelligence, conflict management, etc.). Once the employee competency model is developed, we can create and deploy an employee 270° assessment survey in a matter of days. Each employee and each of the employee’s raters receive an e-mail invitation to complete the online survey. It’s as simple as that!

Quality Feedback Reports for Each Employee

We provide a detailed report on each employee’s feedback. The data are presented both statistically and graphically to aid the employee in understanding his or her data.

Features of our 270° employee feedback report include:

  • The employee’s overall effectiveness in each of the core competency areas
  • The strongest employee behaviors — areas where the employee was rated as most effective
  • Employee behaviors for improvement — areas where the employee was rated as less effective
  • Detailed data on the employee’s overall effectiveness for each of the competencies and an analysis of the employee’s effectiveness on each of the behaviors that comprise that competency
  • The survey responses for each question are analyzed by each of the employee’s rater groups: self, boss, peers on their team, peers outside their team, customers, and others (e.g., suppliers)
  • Open-ended comments — qualitative comments offered by respondents about the employee’s effectiveness
  • A “group report” that summarizes the 270° data for the employees going through the 270° assessment process together.

For a copy of example employee 270° assessment click here:

In addition to individual employee reports, the organization receives an overall summary of all raters for all employees. This overall report is invaluable for employee development planning and helps identify broad areas for employee development.

Our Feedback Workshop: Creating an Employee Development Plan

In our one-on-one employee development coaching session or during the half- or full-day feedback workshop, we guide employees in interpreting their feedback reports. During this feedback process, we help each employee understand his or her strengths and areas for improvement and help each develop a professional development plan.

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