Leading Fearless Change


Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher (c. 535 – 475 BC) once said “nothing endures but change.”

If Heraclitus were to walk among us today, we suspect that he would likely underscore and bold his proclamation. For today, more than perhaps at any other time in human history, the pace of change is breathtaking.

How do leaders provide guidance to others in an uncertain and volatile world? What tools can they use to enlist commitment to a new direction? How can they use insights from the inevitable “push back” in the face of a change to help move their organizations forward?

We all understand that change is at the heart of personal and organizational growth. We can’t improve our effectiveness in life if we just do what we did yesterday. Most of us understand this, and yet, too often when change is introduced in our organizations there is considerable push-back. What’s behind the resistance that we too often see when change is introduced and what can organizational leaders do to help build greater change acceptance?

For the past twenty-five years, Russell Consulting has devoted much of its research and consulting efforts toward understanding how people respond to change and helping managers and employees guide themselves and others toward embracing change.  Based upon our research and practice we have developed a powerful model for understanding how change affects people emotionally that provides managers insights into how to guide others toward change acceptance.

Our consulting practice has informed the three books we have written on change (most recently Change Basics from ASTD Press) and enables us to help leaders guide their organizations successfully through the challenges of change.

Want to know more about how RCI can help your organization lead change effectively? Check out our books or contact us to learn more about your change model and how it can help you guide others toward better results.

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