Strategic Planning Books

We’ve put our best thinking on the important and challenging topic of strategic planning and strategic thinking into two books. Our most comprehensive treatment of strategic planning can be found in our book Strategic Planning Training. We also published a shorter booklet, Strategic Planning 101, that offers a brief yet comprehensive guide to the core concepts of strategic thinking and planning.

SP_101_coverStrategic Planning 101

If you want to know the basics of strategic planning in a nutshell, then Strategic Planning 101 is for you. In this booklet – part of ATD’s popular Info-Line series – we explore the importance of thinking strategically, highlight the purpose of strategic planning, and describe the components of a strategic plan.

Here are the core topics of Strategic Planning 101:

  • Value of thinking strategically
  • Purpose of a strategic plan
  • Developing an effective plan
  • Components of an effective plan
  • Maximizing participation
  • Overcoming barriers to implementation
  • Acting on the plan
  • Gauging a plan’s effectiveness

We also provide you a job aid: How to conduct a SWOT Analysis.

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spbookcover_bStrategic Planning Training

Published by ATD Press, this book offers all of the tools you’ll need to conduct workshops on strategic planning, problem solving, and decision making. We present various approaches to strategic planning and give you the tools and tips for designing your own strategic planning skill-building workshops. The book includes a CD-ROM with PowerPoint slides and handouts.

Strategic Planning Training sells for only $49.95! Order your copy today by clicking here: Strategic Planning Training

About Strategic Planning Training

The book is filled with practical workshop design features — teaching points and transitions, active training exercises, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, supplemental resources, etc. All handouts and PowerPoint slides are on a CD-ROM included with the book!

Book Outline:

  • Chapter 1: Introduction – How To Use This Book Effectively
  • Chapter 2: Strategic Planning and Its Role in Organizational Success
  • Chapter 3: Assessing Organizational Readiness for Strategic Planning
  • Chapter 4: The Basics of Training Program Design
  • Chapter 5: Evaluating Your Training Program Results
  • Chapter 6: One-Day Workshop: Fundamentals of Strategic Planning
  • Chapter 7: One-Day Workshop: Advanced Issues in Strategic Planning
  • Chapter 8: Half-Day Workshop: Developing Strategic Thinkers
  • Chapter 9: One-Day Workshop: Strategic Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Chapter 10: One-Day Workshop: Tools for Strategic Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Chapter 11: Learning Activities
  • Chapter 12: Training Tools

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Testimonials for Strategic Planning Training

Read what others have to say about Strategic Planning Training:

“This book is a complete resource for trainers charged with the task of strategic planning training. Build your background knowledge with its concise, yet complete, summary of the discipline and then follow the step-by-step instructions to create training inspired by the industry’s best practices. This book even includes a complete guide to assess organizational readiness. This book is a must-buy for any strategic planning effort.”

– Susan Paddock, Professor emeritus, Division of Continuing Studies
University of Wisconsin-Madison

“This ready-to-go workbook hones in on what is important in the strategic planning process. The book is full of essential information, materials, tips, and activities that individual practitioners and organizations can use right away to guide decision making, clarify direction, and structure training. This book is a ‘must have’ for training, OD, and HR practitioners!”

– Lynn Chisholm, Training & Organizational Development Specialist
City of Lakeland, Florida

“Jeff and Linda Russell have done it again! They have produced a well written book that is both practical and complete. If you own just one book on strategic planning and decision making, this is the one that should be sitting on your bookshelf. Solid content, creative workshop design, tested handouts, and PowerPoint slides: what more could you want? I heartily recommend that you purchase this book.”

– Elaine Biech, AuthorTraining for Dummies
ebb associates, inc.